The Best Hydraulic Juice Presses of 2021
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The Best Hydraulic Juice Presses

Finding the Best Hydraulic Juice Press is not as complex as other types of juice extractors. Your options are limited to just three machines. Without a doubt, they are the best type of juicer in terms of nutrient retention and juice extraction efficiency.

Here are the Best Hydraulic Juice Presses of 2021.

  1. Best Overall – Norwalk Juicer
  2. Best Modern – PURE Juicer
  3. Best Budget – Welle’s Juice Press

The only issue is they are too expensive (except for the manual hydraulic press).

Here’s why.

  • Built with high-grade stainless steel
  • It’s a complex machine having two parts, a grinder, and the press itself
  • It doesn’t have any plastic components
  • Law of supply and demand
  • It produces the purest juice
  • It’s the most efficient type of juice extractor

How expensive? You might need to invest a little more than two grand.

The ultimate selling point of this machine is juice quality. Forget about Cold Press Juicers or Masticating Juicers. Hydraulic Juice Presses are far more superior.

In fact, it’s backed by Dr. Max Gerson, the founder of Gerson Therapy, an alternative course of cancer therapy. PURE and Norwalk are the only Gerson Therapy approved juicers.


Norwalk Juicer

Norwalk Juicer 290

The Norwalk Juicer has been around for decades. It’s one of the very first electric juicers. Nothing much has changed since then. In fact, the Norwalk 290, commemorates the very first iteration of the product with a straight housing design.

Dr. Walker, the founder of the Norwalk Juicer, was Dr. Gerson’s contemporary. He also championed nutrition as a means to improve one’s health and as well as an alternative route in treating diseases.

For decades it’s the only Gerson juicer in the market and it still reigns as the Best Hydraulic Juice Press.

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Pure Juicer

Pure Juicer

The Pure Juicer was the second Hydraulic Cold Press Juicer. It entered the market in a big way. You’ll get an overall premium experience with it—from its packaging to the highly detailed manual, and the product itself. It’s a work of art if you will.

What sets this product apart from its main rival is its modern look and usability. It’s designed to be more user friendly and easier to maintain.

Literally, you’ll get the purest juice out of this amazing product.

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Welle’s Juice Press – Budget Friendly Option

Welles Juice Press

The Welle’s Juice Press, also known as the People’s Juice Press, is a cheaper alternative to both machines. It’s 400% percent less expensive.

If you’re familiar with a car’s hydraulic jack, it works pretty much like it. It doesn’t run on electricity. You have to pump it to apply pressure.

It doesn’t have a grinder, so you’ll have to dice your produce first.

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What is a Hydraulic Juice Press?

Let’s get back to basics for a moment, and let’s discuss what a Hydraulic Juicer is.

A Hydraulic Juice Press is a type of juicer which uses ‘hydraulic’ pressure to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. There’s a manually operated model, the People’s Press, and there are also electric hydraulic juice presses, the Pure Juicer, and the Norwalk Juicer.

The Manual Hydraulic Cold Press Juicer

The manual model is pretty straight forward. You’ll have to apply pressure like how you would do it in a hydraulic jack.

Once you’ve diced your produce, the next step would be securing it in a pressing bag or cloth, put it on the press plate, and start applying pressure until all the juices have been extracted.

The Two-Stage Hydraulic Juice Press

On the other hand, a two-step hydraulic juicer has two parts, a grinder, and a pressing element. After chopping up your fruits and vegetables, you need to run it through the mill, place the grinds nice and secure in a pressing bag or cloth, put it on the press plate, then you can flip the switch to get the juices flowing.

Dr. Gerson suggests that this type of hydraulic press is the most efficient. He found out that grinding was necessary to allow the produce to release more minerals. And he further added that “During the process of grinding and pressing in a two-step juicer, the produce is not subjected to heat or electricity, so the fresh, healing enzymes in the raw fruits and vegetables are preserved in the juices.”

What’s common between both this type of hydraulic presses is the use of a pressing bag of cloth to hold the produce in place while extracting the juice.

Over to You

If you’re wondering why you might need to buy such an expensive juicer, you are not alone. It’s not the type of juicer that I would recommend for beginners.

Here’s a list of situations on why you might need one:

  • You’re looking for a juicer that isn’t made of plastic
  • You’re looking for a juicing machine that will give you the purest form of juice
  • You have the means to buy it
  • You have a juice bar business

If any of those applies to you, feel free to get the Best Hydraulic Juice Press—The Norwalk Juicer.

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